Nov 21, 2009


i quit SVU for my sanity.
and picked up another bad habit...


got this beauty for $12 (before taxes)
she's in sorry shape.
but a little upholstery and she'll be GORGEOUS.


Caitlin said...

Love it!

What are you thinking on fabric?

I love wingback chairs

noelle regina said...

i'm scared to tell you what i did in case it doesn't really match ...

scott and lindsey said...

Oooooooo.. I love it! How did you score $12!? That's amazing! You always find such great deals. I can't wait to see the fabric!

rubi said...

i love what you did with that bookshelf.

jenna said...

how do you have such luck on craigslist? i swear i struggle. it's going to look killer.

reminds me of this

noelle regina said...

that is a super gorgeous chair.
i had such a hard time with fabric. i needed 6-7 yards. and had 2 options.

one that i liked $6/yd.
one that i loved $32/yard.

given that the chair cost me $12 - i didn't quite feel like incvesting $200 in fabric into it. and went with the $6/yd. it's a little funky - but it could be cute in a bright colored kids' room one day (in the future)

we'll see!