Oct 29, 2009


My friend was mugged in Harlem.
And I am MAD.


She's a better person than I am.

I'm wishing every terrible thing on this man.
I want karma to put him in front of a bus.
Or to have someone steal from his little sister or mother.
I'm thinking bad things. Real bad things.

I can learn a thing or 2 from Allison in healing and forgiveness.


Dari said...

Small world... I went to all 12 years of school with her hubby Noah. That story made me so mad!!

Allison and Noah Riley said...

You're the sweetest - and your comment made us laugh out loud. I don't know that I've gone through a particularly angry stage of the "grieving process" yet, but I totally know who to call when I'm ready for karma to open a can.