Sep 29, 2009

why is it...

Two things crossed my mind today:

1. It seems that in almost every aspect of life, weight increases value:
-Cars (a metal BMW vs. a plastic Kia)
-Fruit, Nuts, Turkey, and every other food item by the pound

"Worth your weight in gold"
"Throw your weight around"
"Carry weight"

so why does it seem to be the opposite with people? studies have been shown that heavier people are discrimated against in a myraid of circumstances.

do you think that pale and curvy will ever come back into style?

{my favorite boticelli, first seen in florence}

2. when you "give something up" it starts to show up everywhere. i'm on day 2 of a carb-free life (relatively speaking) and everywhere i look.

bread, pasta, cookies, french fries, ice cream ...

why don't we eat more chicken, broccoli, nuts and cucumbers?


laura said...

All I know is that if pale and curvy DO come back into style, I will pretty much be royalty. Just one reason why I should've been born in medieval Europe.

siovhan said...

Oh I'm for sure hoping for the pale thing to be awesome again.

And you're AMAZING for giving up carbs -- I maintain a no carb left behind policy.

Brittmae said...

I believe I was born in the wrong century for precisely this reason...especially since women in large skirts and corset-style cleavage are frowned upon outside of Renaissance fairs.

How about some celebration of fertility/birthing hips...seriously?!

Rachel Ricchio said...

i tried that whole no carb thing once. i became the biggest b on the planet. now i happily eat carbs!