Sep 30, 2009

Scared OR Hell Hath No Fury Like a Worried Wife

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Worried Wife.

Last night Matt came home to me on the porch, arms folded, tears streaming down my face.
Yes, Biggest Loser was on.
No, no one had died.
But he had a worried wife.

A wife, who should probably STOP wathcing SVU. (damn marathon)

That way she wouldn't dream up absurd scnearios which include:

  • bawling over your husband's late arrival from an errand, certain that your desire for a headboard either:
  1. sent him straight into the trap of a Craigslist Killer in Sandy, Utah
  2. or landed him in a fatal [or nearly fatal] car crash on I-15, in which said headboard caused severe physical damage.

  • waking in the middle of the night to the sounds of someone breaking into your house, then thinking - no KNOWING- you saw the assailant's headlamp flicker in your living room - and making your husband go check.

Seriously. I have to give it up. It's unhealthy for my pysche.

So long Olivia and Elliott.


Marci + Dan said...

I know. I had to give svu up when I was having panic attacks while running along the east river.

siovhan said...

i do this! but with stuff from work (silly news biz)!
if my roommate is ever late -- i call her a ton!
i think giving up svu is probably a good idea for your emotions. :)

Brad and Danielle said...

My paranoia required that I give up SVU, also. It's been 3 months since my last viewing and I am proud to say the withdrawals aren't so bad anymore. :) And my paranoia has significantly decreased.

You can do it Noelle!

angelique said...

you have clearly inherited Mom's worst-case-scenario syndrome which allows you to imagine the worst possible thing happening and then firmly believe it will - this can be incredibly annoying to the people who have to share a house with you

if giving up SVU helps, I say do it

Scott and Kristine said...

I can totally relate... there is now a list of shows that I am no longer allowing myself to watch for that very reason. But have you noticed some sort of Law and Order is on TV like every hour of the day on some channel? Makes it hard to quit...

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

I would have paid to see Matt's reaction!

Someone recommended that I watch SVU after I asked for referrals, but you have persuaded me otherwise!

Do you watch House ever? I am a fan. However- anytime I feel any sort of weird pain I always think I am dying now. Kind of the same paranoia/hypochondriac thing going on.