Sep 5, 2009

piggy piggy

for the record:

matt is one of the cleanest men i know.
he hangs his clothes up.
he does the dishes.
he takes out the garbage.
he helps a lot around the house with cleaning.

but sometimes...
when he is a little messy
i call him "piggy piggy"
piggy piggy is matt's alter ego who does silly things...

like spill nesquick all over the floor and leave it.
or make a big mess on the bathroom counter and walk away.

when i'm messy matt calls me "the hurricane."
behold the destruction:



(i wish i could claim that this was staged.
but we got back from vacation and i started work.
no time to unpack or fold clean laundry and i had work clothes to iron.... )

piggy piggy and the hurricane slept in today
while matt and i did saturday chores.


1 comment:

E.F.G. said...

love the before and after. while one may not choose to live in that way, you have to admit it feels so good to clean it up.