Sep 5, 2009


you know i like children.
so excuse the curmudgeon.


it's saturday morning.
and at 7:00 am (which may not seem early to some of you)
i awoke to the sounds of SCREAMING children.
they weren't hurt.
or in need.
it's just what they do.
all day.
every day.

this isn't new.
the downstairs boys have been screaming at the top of their lungs since we moved in.
(luckily for us, they've cut the ding-dong habit. ringing our bell 27 times in one day)

today i had no patience.
usually i drown the noise out with music.
or turn on the tv.
and on days when they're really running a muck, i leave the house.

please excuse this childless curmudgeon
but today i got out of bed and stomped all over the apartment in protest of these antagonizing sounds.



Morgan said...

you are not alone. a new family with a baby moved into the complex recently. i have been up since a little after six because of the cringe inducing crying/howling of the little baby. if being bothered by this makes me a curmudgeon than so be it.

Ashley said...

We should start a support group for us crabby old curmudgeons. I so know how you feel.