Sep 3, 2009

On Work

The pink and purple feather duster peeked over the cubicle wall before any sign of its wielder.
A long plastic arm extended, meticulously sweeping each surrounding surface.
And then he appeared with a kind weathered face bearing a welcoming smile.

Bud has been with O.C. Tanner, “the best place to work in Salt Lake,” for 10 years. A milestone that was celebrated “with more than just a certificate,” rather, a ceremonious gathering of friends and colleagues who celebrated his contribution to the company. A gathering where “everyone had something nice to say,” because after all “O.C. Tanner is about friendship.”

And he is as friendly as they come, wishing us all well as he negotiates our work spaces with his long-armed duster, touting Tanner’s strengths, and spreading his personal handshake of friendship - which he has currently shared with at least 500 employees. Bud went on to explain that “O.C. Tanner treats their [people] the way other companies ought to treat theirs,” a golden rule that has helped Tanner’s become an industry leader in corporate service awards and recognition.

And though my 2-day tenure here makes me perhaps the most immature of Tanner’s 1,600 employees, who average 13.2 years with the company, it’s easy to see why we choose to stick around.


julia said...

Your work place sounds fantastic. The people at work really can make or break your experience. Hope you make lots of new friends!

Shea McGee said...

Good luck - I want to hear all about your back to work outfit.