Sep 10, 2009

mcgarrybowen and marc jacobs

Advertising in Manhattan attracts a certain kind of personality.
The well-dressed kind.
(of course there are always exceptions)
And it would seem that the crème de la crème of fashionistas happened to land on 26th St.
So naturally,
I coveted.
I salivated.
I longed for a profession that would allow me to fully indulge the inner shopper.
(i.e. Kelly Rippa’s $500K clothing allowance)
It was perhaps the most beautiful polka-dot dress ever created.
I don’t know her name.
But on that 26th floor, I made a point to tell her how stunning the dress was
…on multiple occasions.
And thanks to Sydney's invitation to join
Alexis & Alexandra's elite online shopping experience
I own it.
On Gilt today.
For 62.5% less.
Behold the beauty of Marc Jacobs.


Amanda said...

oh wow. mind sharing the love?

Shea McGee said...

oh coveting reflexes are kicking in.

Ashley said...

Tres chic. I love it!

Sarah Larsen said...

I hate you I hate you I hate you. I just went on and it's already sold out. Dang it!!