Sep 9, 2009

it's because i'm the youngest child....

wanted: accomplice

it's because i'm the youngest child.
there were never those cherished years of time alone with my parents.
by the time i came along, we were a herd.
3 of us in the bathroom getting ready.
3 of us packed into the car.
3 of us eating dinner.
3 of us riding bikes.

my entire existence was in threes.
which is why, i currently don't like to be alone.
or do things alone.

i work much better with an accomplice.
which is exactly what i'm looking for.

Is there ANYONE out there
who would like to take an introductory course to

Adobe Illustrator
with me on Saturday?
it's TRES affordable. {165}
and who doesn't want to make their own note cards, or place cards or invites?

message me.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Where are you taking the course/workshop? I take a ton of them at Pictureline... maybe you might start looking into it there and then you won't be all by your lonesome!

noelle regina said...

but maybe pictureline is more what i had in mind!

rubi said...

this post could have been written by me [the whole youngest child stuff and not being alone part].

angelique said...

what about the three years you had alone with Mom and Dad after Erica left for college? complete with three bedrooms, three closets and your own bathroom?