Sep 8, 2009

goodnight, sleep tight...

widely-known fact that the nicolai girls are nearly narcoleptic.
there are few things i like more than sleeping - and none that i can think of at present.
except skinny.
skinny might be the only thing better than sleep.

so wish me luck, tomorrow is day 2 of 6:00 am workouts with Val.
it's currently 9:34 - 34 minutes past bedtime.



E.F.G. said...

those are definitely my two favorite things. but sleep is first....always first.

angelique said...

yeah nothing beats sleep

laura said...

6:00 am workouts? I don't know why you would do that to yourself since you're already skinny skinny and waking up before 7 is like against my religion, but all I wanna say is that I'm taking that subject line as a shout-out to me.

Alexandra said...

PS...not to completely thwart your skinny dreams...but you're a foodie you will understand:
daily global food. awesome.