Apr 10, 2009

A New Kind of Stress

I've shared before the extreme and chronic levels of stress I've suffered from - admittedly much of it self-imposed. These days, I'm experiencing a new kind of stress (no pun intended...)

Neustress & Eustress
(neustress- neutral stress with no effect, eustress- GOOD stress, who knew?)

Who knew stress can be good? Under these stressful conditions I'm:

- making the bed daily
- roasting bbq ribs for 8 hours and whipping up homemade cornbread
- working for a premier wedding planner
- enjoying walks in the park & 30 day shred a little more often
- laughing exponentially more than i did in preceding months


familia Bybaran said...

That's so great! Well, congrats on the new stresses. What a cool job you have.

AND I totally feel you on that allergy. SO sorry. I am a HUGE produce fan myself. I hope it gets better before summer. If you can't eat summer fruit, what's the point of living?

noelle regina said...

Mehrsa - it's killing me. If I'm allergic to watermelon I'll die.

valerie said...

we need to catch up.