Apr 10, 2009


Will anyone accompany me here?

A road trip would be SO much fun.
And I hear NYC vintage boutiques STOCK up at Brimfield.
I'll drive.


auntie libby said...

brimfield is definately worth the visit. but take some good walking shoes - acres and acres of stuff and when you see something you really want - buy it because chances are you wont remember which both in which field it was in. great fun! when do we go!

auntie libby said...

excuse me...that's booth not both. i can't type. but i can shop!

valerie said...

i'll come...i just need to buy a plane ticket first

Carl Hardie said...


Becca has been trying to go to this for the past three years. She is always looking for someone to go with her too. We would be happy to pitch in for a truck or van to haul the loot back if you are serious about going.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I have been to Brimfied a few times! It is AH MA ZING! Just do it! But plan way ahead because there is very few places to stay!