Apr 13, 2009

Harlem Cookbook

I get to spend a good amount of time with these lovelies ...

And in order to afford enriching activities like a week of camping in upstate New York, and hopefully (cross your fingers) EFY for each of them - we got creative. And you can too.

Create something in your kitchen with the Harlem 1st Ward Cookbook.
Make a Korean burrito
A spicy dish from Trinidad & Tobago
Or some delicious enchiladas - all in this stellar cookbook.

ONLY $12
will provide these wonderful young ladies with an enriching experience
and supply you with endless recipes to try.

To get yours comment below or email me Noelle.Nicolai@gmail.com with:

Your Name
How many cookbooks you would like to order
Your address (so I can ship it to you)

Checks can be made out to me, I promise no Anthro items will be purchased with the money.

Please help support our girls.


Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

::cough:: become a sponsor ::cough::

noelle regina said...

rubi i'm laughing out loud. i'll send an email and let you know how that pans out.

Stephanie said...

Sign me up sign me up sign me up! I can't wait to make something for my Harlem-residing boyfriend from my awesome authentic Harlem cookbook! I'll be in NYC May 3. Do you need my check before then? I can mail it if you do.

Jordan and Candice said...

I want a cookbook.

auntie libby said...

count me in. i'll send a check today. how 'bout sister wards between harlem and farmington?