Apr 14, 2009

Dear Amanda Berns....

I maybe borrowed your cute idea for a photo montage-
and maybe everyone should check out how original you were.
(Yours is way better, but since I'm a blogging dunce I had to find a REALLY backwards way to pull it off...)

Thanks for the inspiration (and the massive cookbook order).

To Everyone else...
order your cookbooks so you too can be like Amanda.
or just copy her photo montage.



Amanda said...

that cracked me up. and gave me warm fuzzies. thanks for the shout out. i used picasa for the collage header action...although your collage doesn't have the annoying edges that cut off the pictures like mine.
...how'd you do it?

noelle regina said...

i did it a RIDICULOUS way. i opened Iphoto, made a "book", added more photos to the page (which was a max of 6- which made me mad cause i wanted more).

i enlarged the view so the pics were as big as possible, then took a screen shot which makes an image to save to your desktop. BUT has the gmail tab and the firefox tab and everything on your screen. so i imported it back into iphoto, cropped it, saved it and posted it as a photo in the header.


Amanda said...

umm.. wow.
i don't know how you figured that out.
you're determined.

try picasa for future collages...download the beta version for mac. although i like your header..it might be easier though?

KA said...

This is a weird way to confess to you that I'm just a random blog-hopper that you have never met, but who thinks you're a great writer, and so I enjoy your blog. Anyway, assuming that doesn't totally freak you out, a little bit of a less roundabout way of making your collage header would be to create it on a blank page in iWeb and then take a screenshot. That way you can use as many pictures as you want, and make them any size you want. AND, you can take a screenshot of JUST the portion of your screen that you want by holding down apple, shift, 4 until the cross hatches appear. Then just drag your mouse over the area you want to screenshot and the shot will end up on your desktop.

Anyway, just an FYI from a random. Hope you don't mind.