Jan 27, 2009

you DO have enough money to HEART new york....

i'll be honest. it's a constant struggle for me. as someone who formerly loved cooking (i bet i still would if i had time) and loves food - i want to enjoy all this city has to offer, and make gourmet miracles in my little kitchen. Each week i'm faced with the difficult questions ...

do we want to join the masses and indulge in delectable new york cuisine twice a week, or do we want to go to the caribbean over presidents day?

do we want to drop $100 on dinner and a movie, or finish of the _____ (enter oversized costco purchase here) we still have left?

do i want to add more inches onto my waistline or watch biggest loser while i elliptical them away?

But now, it doesn't have to be a weighted decision- or at least not a financial one. I can spend recklessly and still afford a sunny getaway in 3 weeks...

Who says eating out in New York is expensive?

Restaurant.com is having a sale on $25 dinner gift certificates … FOR THREE DOLLARS! Make sure to read the fine print, but it’s a heck of a deal.

Matt and I are heading out to Hill Country tonight - a $35 bill will only cost us $13. Just use the promo code SUPER at checkout.


(please see post below to burn off those stubborn calories)

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Kent Breard III said...

why do you not call me to come eat with you.