Jan 27, 2009

today at work i was jealous...

caitlin and crayola girl (i don't know her name but she works on the crayola account) came walking around the corner giggling about something. they had their gym bags slung over their shoulders as they ran off to chelsea piers together.

and i wanted her there more than ever.

i wanted to ride the subway with her. i wanted to go to the gym with her. i wanted to draw on her pull away calendar. i wanted to harass her via skype about where we were going to get lunch in 3 hours. i wanted to run to her desk and say something stupid. i wanted to roll our eyes at each other in conference calls. i wanted to complain to her about x, y or z. i wanted to go to dashboard concerts. i wanted to run to the grocery store together. i wanted to sit on the porch swing together. i wanted to eat ice cream together. i wanted to go to trio together. i wanted to walk around corners and giggle.

i wanted val to work at mcgarrybowen so i didn't have to be jealous.
i wonder if anyone at TA was ever jealous of our giggling around corners.

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valerie said...

i want to do leg squats with you at the gym and laugh during yoga