Nov 15, 2008

Ode to Alta

Today is Alta's opening day. Not only are Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon the center of the ski universe, it is also where we had our first date

and, thirteen months later, got engaged.

A few years ago, I penned a few sonnets for a class project. If you know me well, you know I really love Alta. Now, with our history there, it is Lybbert Family hallowed ground.

For your reading pleasure, my sonnet:

Ode to Alta

Every so often, I lose the vision
Of the more important things in life;
I need a storm t’help see with precision,
So that I can stride smoothly through the strife.
The storms, you see, come and bring clarity,
Through them I can define my existence,
As our God, in an act of Charity,
Provides much-needed, powd’ry white assistance.

Whether hiking the Castle, farming turns,
Or making powder laps in Supreme Bowl,
Ski Sugarloaf once more as th’day adjourns
Last run, High-T to Gunsight, out Keyhole.
Skiing’s Mecca, Medina, Holy Land
Alta’s got soul, experience firsthand!

Noelle says I am too literal. She's probably right.


Scott said...

Keeping the family tradition alive Kristin is there today, representing
ALL of us! (BTW she used your ode in her last assignment which was to be a commemorative speech)

Scott said...

oops, that was really from me, TERI.

kristin said...

I have a little surprise for you when you get to Utah after Christmas. Just a little something from Alta.

lybberty said...

love Alta, because it's for skiers.

E.F.G. said...

i would recommend you don't try skiing out here. that is unless you like the sound of skis on ice (which i kinda do).