Nov 14, 2008

everybody's workin for the weekend ...

and my weekend has consisted of...
a lovely youth outing at 14th street.
a wonderful walk through union square
a continued search for NYs best burger (burger co is PRETTY good)

and only more to come...
the new bond with our new neighbors (who carry heavy boxes and assemble ellipticals)
chicken and waffles
cougar football
sleeping in
actually SEEING my sister
christmas movie
homemade popcorn
arts and crafts

and time on the afore mentioned elliptical.

and none of this would mean so much to me if work hadn't been so crazy that i sprouted 3 cankers (i know- gross. some people get stomach ulcers, mine just pop up elsewhere) and had a quarter-life meltdown this week.
thanks to a hubby who did the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping while i worked late nights, so we can FINALLY enjoy some time together (and with a few people we quite like).

(also, i don't like capitalizing right now and will refrain from doing so until i feel so inclined. )


Anonymous said...

try the shake shack..madison square park...known for it's burgers..

good luck and post again if you find a fantastic burger

noelle regina said...
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matt said...

shake shack=good, but overrated. our favorite so far is burger joint

E.F.G. said...

don't go back to capitalization...not now. not ever!

Hannah said...

Westville is HANDS DOWN the very best burger in the city. I often order it with goat cheese or feta on top. I would rather get a burger there than go to any expensive restaurant in the city. Try it...