Oct 5, 2008

dear brigham young university,

since i left you i've felt a bit stagnant - like every week that passes, little parts of my brain break off like a melting polar ice cap and float away- an intellectual warming of sorts, due to an utter lack of learning. i've not learned anything new as of late. i feverishly read books to stimulate my brain, which staves off some "melting" but after a lovely dinner out with some lovely ladies- i've decided to be more proactive.

tomorrow, i'm challenging mind body and spirit in 105 degrees in order to prevent the further loss of intellect ... i don't love the heat, i'm not super flexible, and at every one of the 10 yoga classes i've attended i've nearly laughed aloud out the wholistic mumbo jumbo spewing forth from my guru's mouth... despite all that- Bikram Yoga, here I come.


Sara & Chris said...

I miss your face! I wish we could go to Smith's together and buy cherries as a means to get through staff meeting! XOXO

Laura said...

You are starting that phase of life when you are no longer learning in a classroom environ. Now its just real life! Which I have to admit, has taught me more than I ever learned at BYU! I admit, it felt weird not going to classes that first fall after graduation...but don't worry, you won't stagnate. Just when you think your brain is starting to atrophy, you'll get a new calling, or you have to prepare your own taxes! Hugs!

Laura said...

BTW, I believe you have two "laura's" commenting on here. I am the one in CA, who is Matt's aunt but if you call me "Aunt Laura", I might just cry. That just makes me feel old, which I AM NOT!
More hugs, and smiles too.