Oct 7, 2008

dear economic crisis...

dear economic crisis,
i have a feeling you're here to stay - so here is how i'm saving money.

Today I saved $375 - and I'll tell you how, I wore an economic outfit to work.

JCrew Matchstick Jeans: retail value $110, I paid $24.99
Gold Ballet flats: retail value $54.99, I paid $14.99
JCrew Bella Jacket: retail value $168, I paid $60.00
Cynthia Vincent Blouse: retail value $230, I paid $88.00

A SAVINGS OF 67%!!!!

i've also vowed to lower my carbon footprint and put more dollars in my bank ...
in 3 months in New York i've taken a TOTAL of 2 taxis.
this morning i was ever so tempted- as i deboarded the C train, caught a crosstown bus in the wrong direction, and walked south accidentally instead of north- in a moment of weakness i raised my hand on the corner of 21st and 6th ... but a red light gave me the extra time i needed to regain my sense and hoof it to 26th and 11th. My supervisors got a good laugh, I was only 4 minutes tardy AND i saved myself $6.00

i just hope all americans are being as eco-friendly as i am. (eco as in economy)

wishing i saved 66% on every purchase,


Olympus said...

Nice one :)

kristin said...

you crack me up!

lybberty said...

this is an "eco-friendly" i can get fully support.

Meg said...

so, I was blog-stalking steph and I found your blog! I like the way you think. AND I saw pictures from your wedding and you/the whole wedding looked amazing! congrats!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks to the blog list Stephanie just created. You're welcome Meg.

Good post Noelle. I feel like this is a conversation we would have had on 50 E.

Wendle said...

Good work on doing your part during this economic time of need in our country and looking good while doing it. The US could use more people like you.

familia Bybaran said...

That is hilarious. I bet you looked great in your economical outfit. I used to do that...total up how much I saved on each article of clothing. I should get back to doing that.