Sep 17, 2008

Dear Wednesday Something,

I've lost some blogging steam, but I'm pushing through my slump. So here is something- or some things- however you choose to see it.

I had a roommate once. We called her Hutch. Her name was Emily. It still is. And just like the game "monkey see monkey do"- a year together with Hutch yielded the manifestation of some of her expressions in my own repertoire... Have you ever heard me suggest a great idea, that is immediately shot down? Almost always followed by a "Yeah, Me Neither." (pretty funny, right?)
Well, that's my expression.

BUT "HERE'S THE THING" I have to wholly attribute to Emily "Hutch" Hutchison. The phrase emphasizes a forthcoming truth- perhaps some revelation you might have refused to realize, or the painful acknowledgment that your behind does look rather shapely in those pants. Emily used the phrase a lot. She has a tendancy to give it to you straight. I wish more people "there'd the things."

So ... here's the thing.

- The thing is ... I never spell maintnance right. or accomodation.

- The thing is ... there is a KILLER tag sale at the Surrey hotel tomorrow and I have to work.

- The thing is ... I don't check my voicemails. Today I had 17. I care about the messages you leave me, I really do. I just have an aversion to checking them. My voicemail used to say "Hi it's Noelle. Please text me if you need me, I rarely check my voicemail" but everyone said it was rude. I thought it was honest. Go figure. Anyhow... please by all means- TEXT ME! (Rebecca, apologies for missing both the football and the book call ... 1. you never have to invite yourself over just buzz up and 2. still need the read?)

- The employment thing is ... As much as I love my job, I wish that I worked at Anthro. Even ask Emily- she used to mock me because every day for a year if someone asked "where did you get that _____" I would answer- Anthropologie. (the incessant teasing caused me to ban her from borrowing anything Anthro for a period of time, which severely limited access to my wardrobe) It's a mutually beneficial relationship that began in Fall of 2004 with the purchase of the most beautiful bow tie skirt. (that I witnessed on a girl in London) - followed by a severe break up, which required me to spend an entire tax return on retail therapy, at the only store worth visiting at the Gateway mall- Anthro. I can't even calculate the countless dollars I've spent there - but I know that right now there are $2,786.00 I still want to spend. (Sometimes I fill my online shopping bag with everything I could ever want, just to see how many dollars it would be. today it amounted to that)

- The thing that I'm most annoyed about right now is ... whoever tells you Depo Pro Vera is the way to go is a filthy liar and deserves to lose whatever medical license they obtained from their shoddy overseas alma mater. It's poison.


Nerak said...

Ok, I would totally work at Anthro just for the discounts if I was legally allowed to do so (a rare reason to spurn my 100% Canadian citizenship).

Your filling-up-your-online-shopping bag cracked me up and made me curious about my own. So I checked my wishlist on, and don't worry, it's a whopping $3,544. This had led me to the conclusion that maybe checking Anthro on a daily basis is not a healthy thing for me.

Bottom line: You are not alone.

Tim and Sara said...

I totally thought about applying for a job at Anthro the other day because they even had a help wanted thing up. Then I remembered I HATE working retail. Dang it.

Here's the thing: I left a message. Sad that you didn't hear it. Do you answer your email? 'Cause I sent you one of those, too.

Tim and Sara said...

That sounded grumpy and what I really wanted it to sound like is, let's talk about how hard it is to be in YW 'cause I really struggle with it sometimes! So write me back because it's always nice to know when you're not the only one! :)

Kalie said...

Hey. You figured out the birth control thing like... four months faster then we did. Nice job.

And I'm curious about the email too... because I need some feedback on the hilarious pictures... :D

Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

i always fill up my online shopping bag with things for myself and presents for others. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)

Rebecca Smylie said...

I feel like we've moved our friendship to the next level. Where I now know where you stand in regards to your cell phone. I can get ahold of her, I will say.

emilyhutchison said...

Oh man that phrase (here's the thing) has enabled me to shoot straight with many friends since '03. Here is the thing, I miss you. And luci. And matty. Another thing, I have a major anthro addiction currently, karma at work.