Sep 15, 2008

Dear I UnHeart New York,

Today I don't heart New York.
Today I don't want to be here anymore.
Today I don't want to deal with subways or busy streets or loud noises or pungent smells that attack my olfactories.

Today I want to turn my car around and drive back to Sugarhouse.
Today I want to end this vacation in NY and go home.
Today I want Blue Plate for dinner and the sounds of crickets when I fall asleep.
Today I want to be snuggled up on my SpringAir pillow top in Salt Lake City, right where I belong.

Right where I had friends.
Right where I had a gym membership.
Right where I had free time.
Right where I want to be right now.

Or maybe I'll just heart Iraq today. And maybe you'll hear why tomorrow.


scott and lindsey said...

I have those days too. Then something wonderful happens and I forget why this city drives me so crazy. It really is a love/hate relationship- welcome to becoming a "true" New Yorker!

Nerak said...

Funny story -- I had an "I un-heart AZ" day yesterday and all I wanted was to be back in the city. The grass is greener on the other side -- we should switch lives every few weekends, east coast/west coast. I totally know what you mean though. Moving somewhere new is hard!!

Natalie said...

Noelle, I must say I miss your early morning honks. It was the reminder I needed to inform me that my final snooze had gone off 10 minutes prior and I needed to get my rear in gear. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. p.s. I love reading your blog. My slow days of the floral indsutry thank you for your blogging dedication. love you,

duston todd said...

i totally am diggin' your blog entries. i really like how honest and real your words are.
sorry to hear NY's not at it's best with you, and i think we all go through those "i need change" moods...but you're right salt lake is lovely.

so how did the photos for your album turn out?
you likes?

Stephanie said...

You give a girl no hope.

reno said...

Hi Noelle! You don't know me, but a friend sent me to your blog... seems we have a lot in common. Anyway, hi from your NYC neighbor to the south. And btw, I un-heart NYC today too.


Nick and LaRisse said...

Oh man. That stinks. I'm sorry you feel that way. Don't worry home is where the heart is and you are there with your whole family. We miss come and visit any time xoxo L

familia Bybaran said...

Can't wait to hear why you heart Iraq. Sorry about this. It's very odd for someone to not love NY in September so I hope the winter doesn't make you want to leave. New York hearts you. At least, we do.

laura said...

I know how you feel sometimes. I will come cook you sausages and you will love it again.

emily said...

Oh I hear ya. Most days are good. The day we caught 5 mice = bad day. Actually that was the worst day ever. Shudder.