Aug 21, 2008

Wedding Pictures Are HERE!!!!

and in case you don't have time to look through all 600+ images, I have some suggestions.
Matt and I LOVE:
  • The "Friends and Family" album - be sure to check out the pictures with the bridal party.
  • The "Dancing" album - because you can see how much fun everyone was having
  • The "Wedding" album - it catches sincere smiles right after the sealing ceremony ... before hours of photos began and the genuinity wore off. (I'm pretty sure that's not a word)
Don't bother with:
  • The "Getting Ready" album (i look awful)
  • The "Arrival" album
  • The "Entrance" album (just an elevator)
ENJOY ... and don't forget to tell me what you think.
(and be honest!)


Elizabeth said...

Your pictures are beautiful Noelle! Congratulations.

lindsay lark said...

oh believe me, I enjoyed all 600.

Sarah Larsen said...

Love love love love love them. It still breaks my heart that we weren't there. UGH.

Shea said...

lindsay and i enjoyed every single one of them last night...

valerie said...

I'm just glad the pictures don't show how stinking hot it was that day - everyone looks great - especially you and Matt - again - great job on the b-maids dresses - pockets - GENIUS.

Cheryl said...

Oh my stars. I am loving looking at these pictures. They are so perfectly you. You both look impeccable - classy, happy, beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

Brittmae said...

Ok--finally had the time (and believe was hard to wait until I had the time to devote to your pictures what I knew they would deserve) and I was NOT disappointed little Sadie (you know, from Funny Girl, Sadie, Sadie, married lady??)

Your dress - so chic- love the line it gave you and the way it complimented the vintage veil. Loved it!
The colors - the pop of the blue and the pink, their bouquets, and all of the elegant gold at the reception site.
The b/w of the wedding party in the park, clumped on a path...loved it.
The color picture of you and Matt in a farmer-and-wife pitchfork art style way. Love Matt's hand inside his jacket.
Did you arrive in a amazing levatating elevator? Wow--my front staircase now is feeling soooo cool.
Just about everything else, I definitely shouldn't have looked at the pictures of the food on an empty stomach, that calamari looked downright delirious.
I wish I could have been there--best wishes to you and your adorable newlywed life--next time you have a pilgrimage to Provo, you better call me.