Aug 22, 2008

Dear Bad Attitude Day,

Today I have a bad attitude. Worst part about this disgruntled cloud that settled over me like a thick haze is that I'm not quite sure how to rectify it. Should a reason exist, and be made known unto me, it would be fixed almost immediately.

If I were in a bad mood cause the house were a mess, I could clean it.
If I were in a bad mood cause I felt unproductive, I could take on a project or grocery shop.
If I were in a bad mood due to lack of social interaction, I could call Kimmy or Hannah or Erica.
If I were in a bad mood due to hunger, then lunch would satiate me.

Worse yet, I really have no reason to have such a bad attitude today. (Typically an enumeration of blessings follows- great life, lovely wedding pics blah blah blah- but my bad mood prevents me from making such a public display of optimism.)

I suddenly feel a sincere kinship with famous bad-attituders like Oscar and Ebineezer. In the depths of our funk, we need not some fuzzy red intruder with a perma-smile that speaks in incomplete sentences trying to force sunshine upon us or a boy on crutches saying how great it is to limp. NAY. Misery wants company, so Oscar and Eb, come on over for lunch today. I'll make us something terrible that we can complain about.

And surprisingly, at the end of the this post, I'm feeling at least a smidgen less grumpy. Maybe I just need a jar to store negativity in?


Alison said...

maybe you have your period. or blame birth control. that's what i do.

Janessa said...

Noelle, I love you. Yesterday was one of those days for me when I was miserable and wanted everyone else to be, too. But Oscar and Ebeneezer didn't come over, sadly.