Jul 20, 2008

So Maybe...

So Maybe I've received a request or 2 for a few more of these ...

Maybe I'm allergic to shellfish. And maybe whilst in Mexico on our honeymoon, I happened to partake of some, unbeknownst to me. Maybe I broke out in hives 40 minutes later, and in fear of going into anaphylactic shock (or enduring a repeat of last summer's shellfish fiasco) I downed half a bottle of benedryl while Matt was at a Mexican pharmacy searching for something to help his ailing wife. Maybe when he got back I took a double dose of the antihistamines- and maybe 4 hours later I woke up in a state of dilusia fearing that I would go into cardiac arrest because my heart rate was plummeting (which it was... Matt clocked me at around 45 beats per minute). Maybe I made a big scene, started to cry and tried to crawl to the shower so I could sit under cold water to stay awake and make sure that my heart didn't quit on me cause the benedryl made it too tired.

Maybe I love New York, but miss Salt Lake.

Maybe Matt and I are pretty good at this marriage thing. We go on 4 mile walks in central park, cook spaghetti and meatballs together, share the tiny sleeper couch just fine (until our new bed arrives) AND after 3 weeks of being together ALL THE TIME we still love each other! Maybe this was meant to be.

Maybe I thought I had a "modest wardrobe" and maybe I was wrong. And maybe it's too hot here to fuss with the extra layers to make it work. Maybe I've worn the same dress for the last 4 days and maybe I don't care.

Maybe I've always loved cats.

I'm addicted to CraigsList. Maybe. And maybe I want to meet Craig and hug him.

Maybe the ThomasArts thing didn't really work out- and maybe I'm looking for a job in NYC. Maybe you want to hire me?

So maybe we went to see "The Dark Knight" last night for Kimmy's birthday, and maybe I'm not like everyone else... MAYBE I didn't like it. It was too scary and too much fighting and too much creepiness, and maybe I would have liked it more if there had been 3-12 more smooches.

Maybe there is a movie called "Definitely Maybe" that Matt and I have renamed "Definitely Not" for obvious reasons.

Italy called to tell me she misses me, maybe?


mortgage company said...

Who says NO?

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Kanami sang imo blog. Daw spaghetti.

valerie said...

Maybe salt lake misses you too...a lot...but maybe I'm glad I have friends in more exciting places so I have a reason to come out and visit. Did I just invite myself over? Why yes, yes I did.

Amanda said...

i had a hard time with that movie too. i ended up using branden's hat to cover my eyes for half of it.

i wonder if benadryl is in different doses in mexico?

Hannah said...

Maybe I got a job at J Crew and my discount is calling your name. Retail therapy can help with the depressing extra layer issue (especially with all of the adorable fall sweaters), and happens to be a lot cheaper than a trip to Italy... let me know if you're interested :-)