Jun 11, 2008

Dear Learning How to be a Wife,

I'm learning how to smile and nod.
I'm learning why GPS is so fascinating.
I'm learning not to sob in movies, just leak a little.
I'm learning that cuddling is great, until one person overheats and then the whole snuggle is shot to hell.
I'm learning that I need to better learn how to handle stress.
I'm learning to juggle - wedding, full-time job, relocation, apt. hunting, saying goodbye etc etc etc
I'm learning to take deep breaths.
I'm learning just how wonderful a hug from him can be.

I'm learning so many things about how to be a wife... so many things. I read lots of books about it, but spending time with Matt pretending to already be married (in only the most appropriate of ways) sheds light on so many areas I have for improvement.

That's all for now...


Matt said...

hey, those are mostly negative things...

Kalie said...

I read your most recent post, and tried to come up with something useful... but alas, my wedding wasn't a tenth of the celebration yours will be. I don't think I missed a seconds sleep once the ring was one my finger. Sorry.

That being said, I love this post. You think that you are going into this marrying your best friend and you have spent SOOOO much time with him already, and things can't possibly change that much, regardless of all of the cliches that tell you it will. You think you've got it down and this is something you can excel at without a second thought. And often it is. But I am still struck by how often I sit down and think "Good heavens, how was I not better prepared for this?!?!" This is often accompanied by waves of feelings of inadequacy and a smidge of indignation... And not for a second would Jason be to blame for that...

So it makes me laugh to see the things that you are learning... and to appreciate how some of them are things I just learned last week... and how I assume I'll learn an awful lot more next week... and the next, and the next, and the next. Good luck on learning how to be a wife.

Thanks so much for your posts. They are always so fun to read... and it is fun to keep tabs on my cousin, even if I was horrible at it when we lived in the same state.

And good luck getting some sleep :D