Feb 19, 2008

Dear Remember When...

Remeber when we saw Jenny and Chris after a seemingly eternity away? (seriously, it's been since King Henry... this is their adorable daughter Kate.)

Remeber when Matt Olsen and I hosted an I-pod sing along all the way to Las Vegas- revisiting hits like Destiny's Child "Stronger," Dashboards "Bitter Pill," and Queens "We are the Champions?"

Remember when Matt's 4-year old cousin Sophie exclaimed "COME ON MATT, FIGHT LIKE A MAN" when she was tickling him?

Remember when I visited 3 different Anthropologie locations in 48 hours?
Remember when I LOVED every single one for different reasons?

Remember the cousins talent show and the puppet show that ended in a sleep-awakening sleeping beauty kiss?

Remember when I stayed up til 4 am talking to Matt's aunt?

Remember how much I LOVED Malibu?

Remember when I got my head jammed between the back seat and the window, trying to wiggle into the trunk, while we sat in traffic on the 10 singing along to Californication?

Remember how thankful the road trippers were for the carpool lane?

I remember.


Shannon said...

remember how bitter pill is the all time best vocals blaring rocked out road trip song of all time?

and remember how fab all your purchases are? yes, that is why we reminisce about crazy purchasing antics--mere validation!

Laura said...

Hi Noelle-
I remember sitting up talking to you until 4am...that was fun. Next time you feel like a loooong talk about everything or nothing, give me a call.