Feb 20, 2008

Dear I think I'm Clever,

Dear Invention of my Imagination,
You just might be the funnest game around. You're so much fun that I wanted to share you with my friends.
Given a clue deduct who the answer is...

small domestic feline, torsal bone pain
(kitty, spine pain? NO.... that's not it. )

cat, rib-hurt..... MATT LYBBERT!

drinker's lounge- hard geographic stone, 2-letter feminine product- "roll tide roll"

Bar-rock, O.B. 'Bama .... BARACK OBAMA!
(I know you're having fun)

Here's one for the Utah Jazz fans out there

you won't do it-mate of a rooster, not quite a mountain-sweet potatoes

I'll post the answer tomorrow!!!!

1 comment:

laura said...

Robin Williams?

This game is like the redheaded stepchild of that game "Mad Gab" and cockney rhyming slang. I like it.