Jan 8, 2008

Dear Two Thousandth and Eigth Year,

Dear Source of All that is Good,
You bring a smile to my face and pump life into my veins. I've vowed to return each year and that's not about to change... I'm coming.

Dear Necessary Evil,
I'm seriously cutting back. Regarding a former motto of mine ... you're getting left behind.

("no carb left behind")

Dear You-Never-See-Me-Anymore,
I gave you the fade ... I'm sorry. But the consequences of ending our relationship are physically manifest and I want you back.

Dear Used and Abused,
I have lived and died by the writing on your pages for years and suddenly, I decided I didn't need you in my life. You were tucked away and nearly forgotten ... and in the chaos that is my present state of existence I remembered how much I need you. I've already made plans for us... dinner tonight, haircut tomorrow.

Dear Victim of Procrastination,
I'll do you. I promise.


Rob & Marisa said...

You are cute.

Matt said...

I sure hope I'm the victim of procrastination!