Dec 11, 2007

Dear 11th of December,

Dear Life,
From, Noelle

is my forum for expression of thought, opinion and concern when the intended recipient can't be easily reached.

Have you ever skillfully avoided a car accident and wanted so badly to have a verbal exchange with the driver that almost hit you? Something to the effect of:
Do you realize I just saved you and I from a huge insurance headache, and you should be more careful in the future?

Here are a few "dear lifes" for today....

Dear Zappos,
Thank you for your overnight delivery which makes Christmas shopping a delight.

Dear Co-workers,
Hide my computer as a joke again and I’ll
a) punch you in the sniffer or
b) spit in your face.

Dear Cell phone provider,
The t9 predict text on this terrible bad phone you sold me is enough to make my blood boil.

Dear Cold Weather,
God told me it’s time for you to cut it out.

Dear Skinny Girls at the Gym,
You amaze me. Walking for 15 minutes, really?!?!?! So little fat. So little effort.

Dear Drew Peterson,
I think you killed your wife and you’re a mentally disturbed man.
I hope they catch you and put you in a blue plastic barrel. Happy Holidays.

Dear Boss,
If you double that Christmas bonus, I’ll triple my efforts.

Dear Europe,
I miss you too. I’d like to come visit but real life makes that hard. 'Til we meet again…

Dear Editors of Lucky Magazine,
You have successfully skewed my perception of what is an appropriate amount of money to pay for clothing items. Any chance you’ll make a poor girl’s version? (but leave F21 out of it?)

Dear PTO days,
I can’t believe I’ve spent you all already.

Dear sister Erica,
Update your blog so I have something to do at work.



Matt said...

and there it is. wow.

Sarah said...

Do I win a prize for being the second ever person to comment on your blog? I'm VERY excited for this to begin. VERY.