Jul 19, 2012

happy happy birthday

i love this girl.
like really really love.

10 years ago, i made a friend who's honest, thoughtful, amazing, faithful and kind. and aside from being all of those things, she encouraged me to try to be some of those things too.

she's picked out outfits for me.
given me bathing suit pep talks. (heaven knows i need 'em)
thrown amazing birthday parties.
listened to me cry.
prayed i wouldn't get kicked out of school.
talked me out of crazy crafts. 
and been there when i needed her.

we can go to park city and have fun. or all the way to london.
we can sing along to dixie chicks in the car. or to kenny chesney in concert.
we can sob together at the notebook. or cuddle up on the couch to watch the o.c. all night long.
we can talk every day. or not see each other for months and be JUST THE SAME.
it doesn't matter what we do, if we're doing it together.

this july 20th, i'm especially thankful for 28 years of kimbers.
and all the exciting things that will come to her in the next 28 years.


kimmy girl said...

What a lovely note to start my birthday on. (of course Im all teary). I love you. so. so. much. thanks in advance for being my one and only tomorrow....xoxoxoxoxo

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