Jan 22, 2012

downton abbey

so maybe i love british period dramas.
and have an addictive personality.
which translated to about 20 hours of downton abbey in 3 days.

don't regret it FOR ONE SECOND.

KC is not going to be thrilled about this, but i just couldn't resist.
she'sa DEAD RINGER for michelle dockery - the star of downton abbey.(and if you haven't been hooked yet, you'd better.)

 here's michelle. 

and her american twin.


when i started work at o.c. tanner and didn't know where to find a pen, buy my lunch or whom to speak with in the manufacturing department KC came to my rescue. a good deal of my time in salt lake was spent with her - well spent, i might add - lunches, walks, post-work work-outs, sushi dinners etc.

she's wonderful.


Christina C said...

I haven't watched downtown abbey but have heard fabulous things about it. And KC is gorgeous, AND kind, AND smart AND athletic. I want to hate her, but she's my bestie at work =) Hope your new job is going well - we miss you. <3 your blog so we can keep up on your adventures =)

Kathryn said...

You crack me up! I feel honored that I get a blog post with my name in it :)
Love and miss you!!

Us Three and Daisy B said...

What a tribute to KC! I know she misses you too. We all miss your great laugh, your talent, your quick wit and your fashion tips. So good to hear that you love your new job! Way to go KC! Cute pic!

Us Three and Daisy B said...
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Elle Keeps Moving said...

I am just waiting until I have a full 3 days to watch them all! I know once I start a British, period piece nothing, including my children, will come between it and me so I am trying my best to wait for a semi-appropriate time.