Nov 17, 2011

the places we'll go (if i had it my way)

upcoming itinerary: 
LA - Jake's wedding.
Kennewick - Christmas.
Houston - Tim's marathon. 
Denver - Afton Swapp

wanting to add to the list: 
Hawaii - Noelle's tan. 
Greece - Historical lesson.
Italy - Linguistics practice. (this will ALWAYS be on this list)
Kenya - Planet Earth in real life. 
Israel - Religious growth.
Alaska - Environmental awareness.
Brazil - It's just supposed to be awesome.
French countryside - Time to recover from all this traveling.


Smith, Here! said...

Greece- Historical lesson slash cruise the island, sailboat style with Joel and Morgan

Laura said...

Want to go on an Alaskan cruise with me and Chad? We want to go next year but are looking for a cruise that isn't filled with newlyweds and nearly deads.

Kathryn said...

Did you forget those of us in Utah? We want to see you most!!!

matt said...

Surely you meant "Alaska--Heli-skiing"

matt said...

in fact, i'm offended a ski trip isn't anywhere on here. Noelle Nicolai-Hyphen-Lybbert, I hardly know thee.

Jana said...

In fact, I'm offended SLC to visit friends including the Andersons is not on here!

Scott said...

Jamie and I live in Hawaii...just in case having people to visit pushes Hawaii higher up the list.