Nov 5, 2011

one year ago...

 [12 months ago in florence] 

it amazes me how much changes in a year. and how far my "plans" veered from their charted path. (insert Heavenly Father's laughing here.)

remember when we planned to live in london for 3-5 years? (ha ha)
remember when we were going to be mutually employed and living on the UWS by november? (ha ha)
any ideas for getting a handle on what the next 12 months WILL include?

when i think about where i was a year ago, it seems a thousand miles and a decade away from where i am today...

THEN we were in florence with the boys.
NOW matt lives in a house full of girls.  
THEN i had an apartment in notting hill.  
NOW i have a bedroom in my parents house.
THEN i was in the second year of the greatest job i'd ever had. 
NOW i don't even want to discuss where i'm at with employment
THEN matt was a student. 
NOW he's an accomplished LSE graduate with a career! (which is better than just a job)
THEN jake was considering a transatlantic move. 
NOW he's weeks away from marrying the sweetest girl on the face of the earth. 
THEN i weighed 7.6 pounds more than i did this morning.
NOW, i'm more careful about carbs. 
THEN i was planning a trip to paris. 
NOW  i'm wondering when i'll make it back to costco for a crate of pomegranates.
THEN i missed stella. 
NOW we cuddled in my bed, danced in the kitchen and chased "kiki" (luci cat) just today. 
THEN we were just getting to know kate and tim. 
NOW they're practically family. (not to mention barely knowing karen, sue, julie, lorianne, laurel, lindsey, jen and all the other lovely london ladies.)
THEN we had a pretty nice nest egg.
NOW those eggs hatched and flew the coup ..
THEN i was missing america, and planning a surprise thanksgiving trip to new york. 
NOW i'm missing london and trying to find a way back for a week! 

THEN i wore my green utility jacket  EVERY. DAY. POSSIBLE. 
NOW. well, at least i'm consistent. this may never change.


kate gunning said...

reading this from singapore airport. tears in my eyes. THEN we were just getting to know each other. NOW i can't live without you in my life. same same.

Lindsey said...

miss you noelle! your best-ever lessons (seriously) may have forever ruined sunday school for me. can i just follow you around from ward to ward?

Smith, Here! said...

i love you then and now! when do you get here?!