Sep 7, 2011

not blogging

have you noticed the weeks leading up to a baby blog announcement are strangely silent? no posts. or photos. no updates. my theory: the only thing they want to say is the only thing they have to wait 12 weeks to share.

just call me proud mama. (no, not preggers. though i am full-time mothering my adorable niece and nephew this week while my sister takes a much-deserved vacay.) my semi-sabbatical from blogging is because i had a different kind of secret. a surprise of sorts.

it took EVERY OUNCE of restraint not to tell erica about this little birthday surprise i'd been planning. thank you pinterest for all of the pinspiration. 


rubi said...

yay for sisters, being an aunt and birthday parties!

J.R.G. said...

you forgot to mention how truly fabulous the party was! sublime ambiance (complete with a 30th birthday playlist) and delicious food. thanks noelle. i lurved every minute of this surprise!