Aug 16, 2011


it's been burned into my brain that i'm not a strong swimmer (which actually isn't entirely true- i can do a mean breast stroke.) my personal belief in this lack of skill makes the enjoyment of water sports a little difficult but we managed to have loads of fun on the water this kenne-week.

being lazy on the river.

and not so lazy on the river. (matt did a lot of water skiing.)
hanging out by the pool.
and my personal favorite, white water rafting.

this birthday girl had to put up with a LOT of this:

we're back in new york. matt continues to dissertate, while i look for a job. and cuddle luci cat. and adore stella. (and don't pay rent) 


Amanda said...

Looks like you had a blast (and so look gorgeous).
i think we should make a beach outing this weekend. or at least meet up for a dinner (patsy's?). i'll have branden chase down matt. so glad you guys are in ny!

Stephanie said...

Looking at this post I think I've figured out which roommate story you told of me: where I fell in the Provo River. True? Because if not, I give you permission to retell. It's classic.

Shea McGee said...

You wear colored denim so well!

Anonymous said...

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Us Three and Daisy B said...

The picture of the two kissing couples in the background with the girl with a smirk on her face is priceless! Hope things are going well. Would love to hear from you!

scott and linds said...

I love everything about this! Especially that first picture! ;)