Jul 14, 2011

things are unravleing fast now...

it seems like the momentum of leaving town is approaching light speed. like i'll blink and suddenly we're be back in new york. i suspect it will feel just like the monday after vacation.
like london never happened.

can't i just hit pause?
slow down.

i haven't said goodbye...

goodbye to muhammad at the fruit stand.
my vegetable saleswoman, your tomatoes are divine. 
the girl on chepstow with the puppy.
adieu to my gym friends at "legs, buns, tums."
to lisa who helped me sweat off a pound or two.
ta-ta to the jack-russell dog walker. 
goodbye to jonathan and his 20-minute answers to "how are you."
goodbye to the "lord of the bins" who raids our trash in a 3-piece suit each week.
so long to the ottolenghi staff and that unbelievable broccoli.
the antique store owner with the bike i want.
don't forget me sue curran. i really did want to stay 3 years.
thank you furbanks for being so refreshing.
and countless others in hyde park who made our year here wonderful.
don't cry for me kate gunning, i'll miss you terribly and see you soon.
hugs to my entire sunday school class for not walking out on me.

our nightstands are gone.
our lamps.
this weekend most of our remaining furniture will go.
jafar, that cold-hearted villain was right, things are unraveling fast now.


kimmy girl said...

promise to make ny feel like a friday not a monday.

E.F.G. said...

while i lament the fact that i never got to visit you on that side of the pond, get a lybbert bike tour and possibly have spent my 30th birthday with you, i am excited to be roomies.

in fact i'm humming a little beetles ditty...you
say goodbye and i say hello. hello, hello...

stellie can NOT wait to say hello.

Oliver & Margy said...

Sad that our comings and goings will be right around the same time. Hope there is some overlap! I'm lamenting saying goodbye to NYC too.