Jun 8, 2011


today, i'm feeling a little like this.
just nothing.

people ask:
how are you? (nothing)
will you be so excited if you stay in london? (nothing)
do you want to go back to new york? (nothing)
what will you do for work? (nothing)

which isn't really like me. there's always SOMETHING.
something i saw on the tube.
something funny i overheard.
something that made me smile. or think.
something i'm looking forward to.
something i want to do. or watch. or dance to.
something i can't wait to eat.

not today though, today it's just nothing.

i'm so off my game that...

  • i booked our hotel in pisa for the wrong night. 
  • i stood a friend up for lunch because i was certain it was the NEXT day. 
  • i lost my cell phone, searched all over, and found it IN MY HAND. 
  • i took the pasta off the stove, drained it, covered it in pesto and THEN realized it was still crunchy and had only been boiling a few minutes. and guess what, i served it for dinner anyway.


Amanda said...

it's okay-crunchy pasta still tastes good.

the best part about blah days are that you always have tomorrow to be an awesome day :).

and life alone at home is lame. i'm so stinking tired all the time and i just have not been sleeping well all alone. you know? BOO. and event planning is fun-i think i was a little terrified for this one-just waiting for something to go wrong. but it was fantastic and fun to look back at the work we finished.

nerak said...

re: lunch, NOT a big deal at all.

re: phone, hilarious.

re: pasta, i'd still eat it too. pesto makes everything delicious, even crunchy pasta.

re: nothingness, s'ok, tomorrow will be a LOT of somethings. i just know it.

Kristen said...

I am completely in a funk as well. I hear ya. the phone is my fav :).