May 30, 2011

swing and a miss...

i stumbled upon a new fashion blogger. and i love her so much (and want to wear ALL of her outfits) that i almost don't want to share her with you. because she has 4,000 other followers. and if i wear her outfits, and YOU wear her outfits - 4,002 would just be TOO many...
(or maybe you already know about her?) 

but i'm terrible at secrets. she is. spot on. every time.

meet bee.

today, i tried to bee.
but it didn't really work. which is my greatest frustration with fashion bloggers. they're like tara shields. they make it look SO EFFORTLESS.

AHA! i'm on to something. maybe it wasn't quite right, because i tried?!?!
now, i'm on the hunt for a knee-length, bubble hem cheetah skirt, so i can try this little ditty.

anyway - here's her bee-utiful outfit, and my attempt: 



emilyhutchison said...

I will never understand why that Bee is wearing double button up's. Please leave that trend to die. Also, who takes all of her pictures?

Jen said...

You looked uh-mazing, kept staring at your outfit all night!!

Amy W. said...

I'm always looking for that gal on the streets of San Francisco. Now that I know she's called Bee, I can hassle her by name.

Jylare Smith said...

Love her blog- I've been following it for awhile and I seriously get so much inspiration from it!

I think you nailed it girl!