May 16, 2011


i ran out the door onto the front stoop and called out "WAIT WAIT! your flight was cancelled!" ashley believed me for all of 5 seconds. tom laughed. i just really wanted them to stay. 

and maybe i cried a little when i came back in the house and their car pulled away. we love london. but we also love our american friends.

(our london friends too. they knew lots of places and things - this restaurant. that street. this movie theater. that crepe (no not that one. the other one.) this amazing tv show. (it's called human planet and you REALLY need to watch it.))

our american and london friends ask: where are you moving? will you stay or will you go?

i wish i knew the answer. but we're still waiting for our miracle. i think maybe tomorrow she'll come.  text, email, phone or royal mail are all acceptable forms of miraculous delivery. d-day is june 15. we're letting the landlords know someone else can live in our charming little place with no overhead lights, eensy weensy fridge and intermittent hot water if nothing changes by then - after that we have 6-8 weeks to get out of town.


rubi said...

being in limbo like that is the hardest. but whatever is meant to happen will happen and it'll all work out for the best. good luck!

nerak said...

haha, i love you and your trickery. i believed you for all of five seconds too! so glad you got some quality time with the swapps, and let me butt in!