May 1, 2011

gee it's great to be back home

"Gee it's great to be back home
Home is where I want to be."

- Simon & Garfunkel  

i'm not sure where "home" is these days. (and especially not sure where it will be in the coming months) but after a wonderful stay in new york, we're back in london and it feels fantastic. the royal wedding. the sunny weather. our hyde park friends....
cross every toe and finger - i really want to stay - for a long long time. (if stella and anton come visit often) 

here's matt in hyde park. 

 primary colors on our street.

the view from our porch. 
(i loved marci's picture SO MUCH i had to copy it)

and some really pretty trees. 

i like our picnics in the park. our proximity to portobello. our little flat.  the monarchy. (i really like the monarchy) 


You, Me and Little Mr. B. said...

It looks so beautiful there. I am so happy for you and Matt-being able to live there and have this experience. Live it up in London!

Marci Joy said...

The lighting and the flowers on your porch pick are just right. xoxo

kate gunning said...

and the london gunns like you here. too.

mbobm said...

gorgeous photos! i'm jealous you got to be in all the excitement of the royal wedding! john and i were going to say hello to you in london - but i read on FB you were in Aruba already - we missed you! I hope you soak as much of London up as you can - i love that city. xoxo!!

nerak said...

um, i want to live where you guys live.

Kandace Lewis said...

Looks fabulous. I'd want to stay there too.

Wendle said...

LOVE the photos, Noelle. Espesh the the primary color one. So fun!