May 17, 2011

the bucket list.

dear miracle maker,
it didn't come today. maybe you could send a tracking number so i have a better idea when to expect its arrival?

not so miraculous matt & noelle

p.s. these did come today. and though i'd prefer a miracle, they were pretty great. 

our current uncertainty has taught us a lot about contingency planning. we have a plan for every. possible. scenario.

the funny thing about plans is that they make us feel better in the moment. but when things don't go accordingly to them (and they rarely do), you end up feeling worse. the funnier thing is, i know this, and i still make them - lots of them. i guess i just like plans. right now our plan is to stay right where we are, nestled in notting hill.

but one aspect of our "leave london" contingency plan is to LOVE london. so last night we sat down and brainstormed a bucket list of things we must do before we leave (if we leave?):

  • Stonehenge
  • Hampton Court 
  • High Tea
  • London Bicycle Tour (a professional one, not a DIY one!) 
  • Long Country Walk 
  • Kew Gardens
  • Greenwich Observatory
  • Lunch at Harrod's 
  • Peter Pan in the Park 
  • Lord of the Flies at Regent's Park Outdoor Theater (tickets booked!)
  • Globe Theater / National Theater (tickets booked!) 
  • Kensington Palace & Gardens 
  • Churchill War Rooms
  • Row Boat on the Serpentine 
  • Go IN the Tower of London
  • Explore Shoreditch 
  • See Billy Elliot

come with us! we love company. we also booked a graduation / anniversary trip to italy - with stops in cinque terre, amalfi and rome.  we are SO EXCITED.


The LaBarberas said...

YES to all!!!! They all sound incredible! I'm so happy for you for all the experiences you're about to have and the things you're about to see (Italy is our dream vacation Grant's ancestors all come from Palermo.) Have a wonderful time and please post pictures so I can be even more envious ;)

Alexandra said...

I loved Churchill's War Rooms, and that was back in 2004 before they totally up-hauled the exhibit. oh I love London so...

nerak said...

Good list!! I would love to tag along to the Kew Gardens. And I think your 'long country walk' should be along the sea cliffs of the Seven Sisters hike. Should we make that happen?

kristin said...

Stonehenge is something you go to see just to say you've seen it. Not that cool. BUT, I did love the Churchill war rooms. Probably one of my favorite museum/historical experiences while in London.