Apr 19, 2011

on my mind

deep questions keep me up at night.
is buying books just because they're pretty superficial?

will i love my future children as much as i adore stella?

when will i know where i'll live in 6 months?

did michael scott get hair plugs after season 1?

would they ever do a biggest loser for regular-sized people who just want to get stronger and be on the show? how can i make that happen?

what makes hummus the most delicious food on the planet?


Brad and Danielle said...

As cute as Stella is, you will love your children 100x more (most days). I know, it's hard to imagine but it's a fact you will get only once you experience it.

Every parent secretly thinks their kid is cuter than every other kid - a poll on BabyCenter.com said so. 12,000+ people polled and 97% agreed. The odds are in your favor. :)

Anonymous said...

2.even more...
3.took us a long time...but it was worth it. We love the friends made along the way.
4.don't know
5.Let us know if you find out.

Marisa said...

Noelle, I felt the same way about my nieces and nephews (obsessed, like they were my own) and Rob and I combined have 29 of them, but wow, when they're your own, it's unreal how much you love them. But little Stellie is indeed a dolly, so I can understand your worry. :)

Chelsea said...

98% sure that Michael Scott did get hair plugs after season 1. I'm glad someone else thinks about that stuff.

Kandace Lewis said...

1. Nope, it's insightful. More people should see the beauty in the simple things.
2. Absolutely.
3. No clue but enjoy the adventure. Pretty soon you'll be all settled down in one place and it can get a little boring. :)
4. Yes!
5. I would totally audition for that!
6. Garlic. Garlic make everything delicious.

The Castletons said...

1. if it is, i'm guilty. jono bought me 6 books from anthro for my birthday this year :)
2. yes yes yes.
3. ill decide for you. come to ca!
4. yes yes yes. and he looks wayyy better.
5. you'd probably need to come up with a completely new show. but definitely a possibility.
6. not really a fan. so come to ca and convert me!

abbie said...

OHMYGOSH i have been saying that about biggest loser for my entire life. DITTO! i think america has seen enough 500+ lb people. not that they don't need help- but so do we!

PS- thought the same thing about my nieces and nephews. i literally adored my nieces but found that i loved my kids 100x more and my nieces a little less?! haha! i think you just get MORE patience/love for your own kids and LESS for other kids. there's only so much to go around!

Sara Jane said...

1 question...

Do you know how much I love you?

That's all...

The LaBarberas said...

Dear Noelle,

You may not remember Grant and I but your blog is incredible! I love how you live life to the fullest and hope you are loving London. You have so much talent and style- I loved your post way back about your backyard party in Utah. I've seen your blog through mutual friends and hope it's ok if I add you to our blog roll :) Best of luck to you both!