Mar 6, 2011


with matt's family in town, we hopped a cheap flight to bratislava this weekend.
flagged a taxi to the train station.
caught a train to vienna. 
walked around the beautiful city.
hopped a train back to the slovakian capital.
and flew back in time to catch a few hours of sleep and teach sunday school. 

vienna is ranking somewhere in the top 5.

loved the shopping & people watching.
loved the architecture.
loved the palaces & royal history.

loved the communist neighbors. (bratislava)

loved the authentic austrians.
loved the together time.

didn't love that kris couldn't join us. 


E.F.G. said...

top 5!? wow.
looks amazing. your adventures always do though.

Laura said...

Jealous. I haven't been back to Vienna since I did study abroad there back in '91. I loved living there!

Tom Earl said...

On my bucketlist.

nerak said...

i heart the authentic austrian man.