Mar 16, 2011

one kings lane.

i used to sing the praises of One Kings Lane - but after today's discovery, I'm not impressed.

in case design blogs aren't your crack-cocaine substitute, i'll bring you up to speed. this beauty ran in domino, setting off a striped rug love affair and ikat mania.
it had the bloggers all aflutter for those butterfly prints. (pun intended)

well, they're on sale at One Kings LAME right now... 
for $189.00 EACH. 
(M added for emphasis)

they also happen to be hanging in my flat in london, for less than $89.00 each. before you let yourself be taken by this "sale" price of $378 + shipping, do yourself a favor and:

1. buy the reprints on for about $30 each (search for E. A. Seguy)
2. get a pair of nice looking affordable frames off amazon - choose a size that is about 6-8 inches larger than your prints on both sides.
3. take them to a frame store and have mounts cut for about $10 
4. and have yourself 2 BEAUTIFUL framed butterfly prints for less than ONE of these. 

1 comment:

Jami Graham said...

I used to love them too but it's literally taken over 3 months to get one item and they've now have given me $50 credit said it was shipped last week AND I called today, it's still not out.

I still shop here though, not so wise.