Mar 8, 2011

hope springs eternal.

dear karen,

faithful blog commenter, fellow sun-lover, and lunch getter - here comes the sun. when i was out and about this morning, these put a spring in my step.
(before the old woman and the crying. see below)

bursting blooms on our street.
daffodils in hyde park.
and nothing makes me smile quite like a dog walker and his fury friends.
(sometimes i try to get the dogs to come and play with me when they are off their leashes.)


nerak said...

thrilled that blog commenting = my very own blogpost letter. :)

i really can't tell you how much joy that first picture of blossoms brings me. i'm now picturing leafy lunches at berkeley square in the near (ish) future, and it is making me very, very happy.

Brad and Danielle said...

I, too, love that first picture of the blooms! Did you take that picture?? Gorgeous.

I'm still waiting for spring. I love spring.

noelle regina said...

i did take it dan :) i'm learning how to use my camera slowly but surely.

E.F.G. said...

good thing i read the comments before posting. i was wondering if you took them too. nice work. are you reading a manual or just playing around?

happy spring. get here quick. your nephew is on his way (4/8).

You, Me and Little Mr. B. said...

I'm so jealous you have these beautiful flowers in bloom already! Is Spring ever coming back to SLC? Loved your story about the little old lady. Good job for helping a sister out! :)

Sara Jane said...

I love London in the spring!!! thanks for sharing these pics!