Mar 4, 2011

helping me DIM

Caitlin over at Design Files is helping her readers do it themselves and I couldn't be more thrilled. Wall art / decor is always the VERY last thing I do - because I don't really know how.  Her post is brilliant.

Have a wall you need to decorate?  Take a look at her suggestions.
I love the split series octopus and the symmetry look.
(Because I've never made a gallery wall look as good as I want)

As soon as I know what country my to-be-decorated walls will be in, I'll get to it. (more on this to come. but our days in london might not be as long as we originally intended)

1 comment:

Marci Joy said...

What? Really? London days are limited?! I better get my fanny over there to visit.

Love Caitlin's site.