Mar 21, 2011


today, while folding the laundry, i realized i'm a sheep - a fashion follower (not trend setter).
did you get the memo that nautical strips were in? my addictive personality did. 

4 red + whites
2 blue + creams 
2 gray + whites
1 black + white
1 brown + cream

do you have too much of something in your closet?


laura said...

V-neck tees. I have approximately 7000 of them.

the smith's said...

nautical stripes are classics!

E.F.G. said...

are those really all yours? holy cow. after this baby is out, can i have your cast offs?

for what it's worth, i think you look fab in the nautical stripes...especially the red/white one with wide white top (possibly boat neck).

Jamie Wride said...

I have the same problem. At J. Crew the other day I tried on 5 shirts...all with nautical stripes.