Feb 1, 2011

seize the day

carpe diem. 

it might seem like a silly thing, that just by wearing a pretty little necklace, one would make a day different than any other. but it's precisely what happened. 
i recently found this monica rich kosann beauty dangling from my neck. [a way too generous gift from a way too generous house guest] and you wouldn't believe what happened. it seems this talisman is a daily reminder of what to do with my day...

  • wake up early 
  • go to the gym
  • burn 100 extra calories. i can do it. seize the day.
  • put on makeup*
  • try barclays cycle hire. don't be scared. 
  • cook something different. 
  • really focus on my work. 
  • be ballsy - and decide that gorg ny designer needs a london shop and I can run it. 
  • get some rest, and get to bed. 
  • turn off the internet. 

it's just the little reminder i needed to enjoy every day. 
february is already off to a better start.
how will you seize today? 

other necklaces i'd like to have around my neck: 
[aka a few more reminders i could use]
don't eat that. 
think to pray.
chores are fun.
stand up straight (my posture has been poor lately)


E.F.G. said...

maybe that's your niche. start making necklaces that say "chores are fun" and "don't eat that." i can see them on all the celebs.

Anonymous said...

Pleasantville is expected to get another 5-9" of snow plus a 1/2" of ice..The only thing to seize today is my DVR..Under the Tuscan Sun would be perfection..I haven't seen any new DIY projects from you as of late..you should open your own little high end boutique in London of your DIY projects..they are pretty fab..especially the hot pink desk..love that!

Kristen Joy Daniels-Wade said...

I need to get me one of those. Also, I'm excited for you to open up the store.

nerak said...

Ironically, I watched the Dead Poet's Society in lieu of GG Monday night. Seems like carpe diem is the theme of the week!