Feb 18, 2011

ba ba ba barcelona

these feet are firmly planted on spanish sod. i've been walking around the city today with the tune of "my sharona" in my head singing ba ba ba bar celona. we are here, riding bikes soaking in the sun and sites.


arc di triomf. (1 of about 30 in europe)

st. josep's market passion fruite juice = delish.

gaudi's greatest work - the sagrada familia.

it's been too long since we've seen the sun.
old idol worship: i-phone.
new idol worship: sole.


Marisa said...

Ma ma ma my sharona... I love it. Now I will have that song in my head all day. Enjoy Spain!

Mrs. Dontje said...

i love spain with all my heart! i lived there a few years ago. very jealous of your photos!

Jana said...

Oh Barcelona suits you two! And the sun too. It must feel so good.

Ps you look real cute in those pants and flats. love it.

kristin said...

Oh hey, the sagrada familia hasn't progressed at all in a year and a half. They'll never finish that melanoma of a structure. Make sure you go to parque guell. So, so, so beautiful and the view from the top is awesome.

nerak said...

i feel great that we were both in spain this past weekend worshipping the sun.